Impact of Mac Layer on the Performance of Odmrp, Fisheye, Aodv and Dsr, Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Impact of MAC Layer on the Performance of ODMRP, Fisheye, AODV and DSR, Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

A. Sravani, G. Srinu, and A.Venkataramana Abstract— Mobile Ad hoc Network is an emerging area. Its standards are defined by IETF. MANET is a self generated, self organized and self handled network consisting of collection of independent nodes. MANETs Presents several desirable properties like dynamic topology, Easy of deployment and robustness, which are qualify them as an attractive topic for the research community. Providing QoS routing is a major issue in MANETs. Media Access Control layer plays crucial role in Ad hoc networks. Several routing protocols have already been proposed for MANETs. This paper
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The key requirement for a cellular network is a fixed infrastructure. The current cellular wireless networks are classified as the infrastructure dependent networks (Single-Hop Wireless Networks).
B. Ad hoc Networks
Ad hoc networks are defined as the category of wireless networks that utilize multi-hop relaying and are capable of operating without the support of any fixed infrastructure hence they are also called infrastructure less networks. This system was more than 25 times faster than normal messengers. The use of ad hoc voice communication was used in ancient/tribal societies. The absence of any central coordinator or base station makes the routing a complex one compared to cellular networks. Each node in an ad hoc network acts as both router as well as processing node [12]. Unlike in cellular networks and WLANs, communication in ad hoc networks may take place via multiple wireless hops. There are different types of ad hoc networks like Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET), sensor networks etc [7].
Ad hoc wireless networks, due to their quick and economically less demanding deployment, find applications in several areas. MANETs are used in a battlefield, communication between soldiers and vehicles can be carried out using ad hoc networks. In such networks, the soldier troops might communicate with each other using hand-held devices. The vehicle mounted devices can be equipped with power sources for “recharging”

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