Impact Of Leadership On Business, Families, And Politics Essay

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Impact of Leadership in Business, Families, and Politics In Social Psychology, the topic of leadership is one of great interest. There are many group dynamics and different environments that require different leadership styles. Each of the defining characteristics of a leader creates inspiration and motivation in order to create group cohesiveness. “A leader is someone who can move a group of people toward a common goal” (Kassin, Fein, and Markus, 2013: p549). There are many different methods in which leadership skills are applied. In business a leader must motivate and stimulate employees toward quality job performance. Within a family, the head of the household must create unity and trust. Politically one must unite a group of followers in a common interest to accomplish a purpose. Whatever the setting, strong leadership characteristics are sought from people in all environments to promote success. The following examines different successful leadership styles presented in the environments of business, families, and politics to demonstrate how important, strong, and defined leaders are to society. One of the most common areas leadership is demonstrated is in the business field. There are many different leadership styles within this field, two of which, are different theories for leadership styles. The first is known as the great person theory, which states that a person is born with the qualities that define a leader. According to this theory the traits of a great…

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