Impact of John Stuart Mill’s Philosophies on Philippines’ Society, Politics and Economy

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Impact of John Stuart Mill’s Philosophies on Philippines’ Society, Politics and Economy
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John Stuart Mill’s social, political, and economic philosophies are widely applied in the Philippine setting. His conception of social liberty, feminism, political democracy and economic democracy is practiced in the country, although not holistically applied or not well-carried out at some cases. Philippines, as a democratic country, adapts the libertarian culture that Mill believes to be the best for achieving intellectual and social development. Every Filipino citizen is sovereign and free to do what he wants as long as he does not harm others. Mill’s proposed ways to obtain ‘social liberty’, which are having the
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The government does not exercise strong implementation of rights and laws. It does not prosecute or penalize those people and groups harming others or corrupting the nation’s system itself and abusing other people’s rights.
Voting system, for example, is intruded by vast corruption. Vote buying of political candidates prevails, and many Filipinos especially the poor couldn’t help but accept money offers because of extreme poverty. This thus manipulates election results and public choice has been dominated by political despots’ interests. In this case, the goal of voting rights has not been achieved because the voting system is characterised by ‘tyranny of political rulers’. Social liberty, which is the protection from the ‘tyranny of political rulers’ as defined by Mill, has not been truly achieved despite the Philippine system having liberal and democratic characteristics.
In this view, Mill’s utilitarian principle has not been well-practised by the country’s government. Although the government’s intent is to give the greatest good for the greatest number, its actions have not been effective on achieving its will. Instead, there is domination of political officials, elite, and capitalists that violates human rights and oppresses the mass.
The case of freedom of speech of the Filipino poor is also a problem in society. Freedom of speech, according

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