Impact Of Internet On Literature

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Positive Impact of Internet on Literature
The way stories are reported nowadays are different from what they used to be due to new technologies. It shortened the limits between countries, and minimized the effort made to spread a story worldwide. The internet has changed the way mankind communicate with each other through e-mails, and homepages. This technology changed the format of the story and what’s written in it. It gave people a chance to spread their stories worldwide instead of physically being present (Urban myths, 2014).
English has spread through the British Isles in the medieval and early modern yours. English’s influence has reached the world since the seventeenth century. English changed in a noticeable way due to investigating,
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It is argued that it will affect the student’s writing skills (Keller, 2009). A participant in the UAB and the English department chair at Clay-Chalkville High School reported that students these days are misspelling a lot of words due to their dependence on electronic devices to autocorrect their spelling mistakes (Could texting and autocorrect affect kids ' writing skills?, 2014). Some scientists think that student’s online writing is very connected to viewers, and has to be added to classrooms (Keller, 2009). Internet have motivated English learning by making it easier for students to contact with teachers (Abdulaziz, 2014). For example, it is reported that students solve assignments and questions by surfing the internet. As a result, most students tend to seek the internet’s help when they are working on class projects (Loan, 2012). While others think that it leads to bad writing (Keller, 2009). Because students depend on websites that correct and grades essays for them rather than finding their mistakes on their own and learning from them (Could texting and autocorrect affect kids ' writing skills?, 2014). In the electronic media, children became e-literate, while others think that they are becoming illiterate (Raab, 2010). E-books helped students to reach knowledge in various ways and shapes, such as increasing the size of the font. Tools added to e-books makes it easier to …show more content…
Books clubs are renewed. Popular people and series on the media like Oprah’s book club and Harry Potter series made people want to talk about what they have read. These book clubs increased reading and discussing (Scharber, 2009). As a result, these book clubs discussions helped children to read stories in a way that will benefit their imagination, and find themselves in every book (Reading rockets launches online book club for adults, 2003).
For instance, Moodle is used in a lot of schools, it provides online book clubs that are secured, and only can be accessed by assigned users. It also provides interactive environment that is monitored by the leader (Scharber, 2009).
Although reading for fun decreased in the technology era, book clubs motivates people to read for pleasure. Online book clubs combines the old literacy which is reading for fun, with new literacy which is discussing books and engaging with other readers. Online book clubs help learners to know more about other cultures and interact with people all around the world (Scharber,

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