Impact Of Internet On Happiness

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Does the internet have a positive effect on our happiness? Today, the Internet plays a big role in our society. People enjoy the fact that they can have so much information from a computer or a phone, and it is so easy and simple to access. According to research that the average adult spends twenty hours per week on the internet. It is a big part in our lives, without it we would not be able to do many things that we do today. The internet is used so much for many good reasons; communicating, current events and news, and for professional collaboration. One of the main uses for the internet is communication. Without the internet it would be a lot harder for us to communicate with one another and interact. Social media is very popular using certain websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With these websites you can keep in touch with you friend and family and see what they are doing through the pictures that they post. Social media is great for family who you do not get to see often, you can post pictures of what you …show more content…
Professional collaboration is when people connect with each other around the world and share tips and help them out with their job. This especially popular amongst teachers and doctors. In classrooms teachers share ideas with other teacher around the world to do this they usually video chat or call. Doctors use this the same way they can also bring in the video chat during an important and rare surgery so that a doctor from another country who is really good can help them out. This new technology is starting to become more and more common. In a few years there will be more and more classrooms using professional collaboration. This opportunity brings many possibilities and new learning strategies that we did not have before and it will help out a lot of teachers in many different ways to give their students the education that they

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