How Poverty Changed The World Essay

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How far has hunger and poverty changed the globe.

Around the world poverty and hunger has always been presented. Poverty is the lack of money to buy enough food to nourish themselves where problems of hunger, malnutrition and disease afflict the poorest society; being malnourished they become weaker and often get sick this increases them less work which makes them poorer and hungrier. Sadly children mostly get to die most often, poorest people will have less access to health and education service the poorest are also typically marginalized from the society and have little of representation or voice in politics and public debates, making it hard to escape poverty.
Poverty is a really hard situation where people with no proper
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There are millions of people around the world who are poor and lacking behind from the rich where it’s hard for them to live along others and send themselves and their children to school to get educated, to get proper medication, to eat proper food and drink clean water, and live in a safe and clean area. The society has the control and yet they have no chance to stand for their rights cause the poor is weaker and cant face the circumferences in their country

MUCH SHORTER LIVES, a universal and simple measure of poverty consist in looking at different population’s health and life expectancy. It’s no surprise that anywhere on earth, poorer comminutes fare worse than richer ones but people’s health is affected not only by material poverty but also by social exclusion, yet another of the neglected effects of poverty. The poorer life is shorter than the richer.
Whichever country they suffer from discrimination and unfair treatments poverty is not only physical but also very much psychological. It affects many mental health and human behavior. Every form poorness, every form of social exclusion is material of racial has its impact on people’s health and life

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