Impact Of Globalization On The World Of International Relations

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The International Political Economy or otherwise known as the IPE can viewed in many ways by international relations scholars. Globalization has influenced the IPE by affecting how states view trade and other aspects of international relations. It can also be credited for being one of the most powerful influences on shaping how the world of international relations is today. There are several schools that attempt to explain the IPE and they include Mercantilism, Marxism, and Liberalism. Each of the three schools contains theories on how the IPE affects states. The IPE can be viewed from several different perspectives that all have their own ideas on how it operates. The International Political Economy has been shaped by globalization and it has problems that can be solved by solutions found in the text.
Globalization has changed how the IPE can be viewed by international relations scholars. Frankel mentions in his text, “Economic globalization is one of the most powerful forces to have shaped the post-war world”. The impact that globalization has on the IPE is clearly demonstrated by Frankel in his texts. Globalization can be defined as the spreading of ideas or supplies across the world from state to state. It has led to states realizing the benefits of trading with other states. The text from Frankel states, “international trade in goods and services has become increasing important,” the text validates the role that globalization has played by increasing the importance of…

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