Essay about Impact Of Globalization On The United States

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Years before the United States got involved with International affairs, the economy was reliant on their own people and businesses to create such an economy that World Powers would recognize how amazing the US could be. At the end of WWI the US had entered a period of isolationism, this allowed for the US economy to boom and effectively enter a period of prosperity among the middle class, while pushing for sanctions to protect workers who had suffered because of the lack of labor laws. The United States had started becoming more globally involved after and during WWII, this allowed for the Allied Powers to defeat the Axis Powers. While the international and national economy boomed after both of these Wars, today Globalization comes with a price to pay for third world countries, such as China. The US economy is suffering because of jobs that are being shipped over seas, and many citizens are being exposed to harmful pollution and atrocious work conditions. Globalization has many ups, as well as it has down sides, however, these trends can be combated with certain laws and treaties that will slow down pollution, protect workers, and create demands for jobs and products in the international economy.

Interdependence is a major negative when it comes to international trading affairs among the US and its trading partners. Many companies are creating jobs overseas, because of the low wages foreign workers will actually work for. Many Americans have lost their jobs because of this…

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