Essay about Impact Of Globalization On The Globalization Of Business

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Impact on Management of the Globalization of Business.

The globalization of business has affected the role of the manager significantly. Companies were not of the scale they are today. Prior to globalization, managers usually only had to worry about one, local culture when doing marketing. With a global company, managers must consider multiple cultures, languages, and value systems. With different cultures come different laws, including tax codes and accounting practices. Managers must now deal with all of these. They must also master the various, ever-changing technologies that enable them to manage people and production worldwide. In short, managers in the global age must deal with a much wider range of people and cultures, and they must be able to do so at a distance.

Managing on a global level thus is much more challenging than marketing in one’s home country. There are cultural norms that exist that may make a product or service undesirable in another. It is impossible to take a company global successfully with out first doing your due diligence and research about the culture. This is something that early managers mostly never had to worry about. Is your product something the people will want or need? For a company to do well in a global market place it is vital to travel to the country you are expanding to and get real boots on the ground sense of how your business will do there. You have to explore the culture, do market research and really get that…

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