Essay on Impact Of Globalization On The Environment

712 Words Nov 16th, 2016 3 Pages
Throughout history capitalists have tended to focus on the short term gains rather than how their actions will effect them, as well as others, over the long term, and when it comes to the environment it is no different. The valorization of capital both relies on and affects the environment in a countless number of ways. It relies on the environment through the externalization of environmental costs of production, while at the same time it effects the environment by depleting natural resources and habitat degradation. Globalization and the industrial revolution, historically, have not been kind to the environment. At first technology made the impact capitalism has on the environment even worse. It Europeans thousands of years to destroy their own environment, but only hundreds to destroy the environment of other through colonialism. Nevertheless, pollution, habitat destruction, and the loss of biodiversity have taken their toll on our environment. Capitalists, in pursuit of short term gains, neglected to consider the long term effects of their actions. In one of the readings, “Environmental Justice and Economic Degrowth: An Alliance Between Two Movements”, the author talks about “social metabolism”, which refers to the flows of energy and materials in the economy. Currently, these “flows” do not move in a sustainable way leading to many conflicts and long term effects which, as the name suggests, take time to come about and now that bill is about to become due.…

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