What Is The Impact Of Globalization On America

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Globalization’s Impact On My Plate
At first thought, the food my family ate didn’t seem all that interesting. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything more boring to do than talk about a diet of pasta and potatoes for three generations straight. But the more I thought about this topic, the more I realized that my grandmother growing up couldn’t say her favorite food is a mango like I can. Being from rural New Jersey, she had to watch her mother walk to the nearest grocery store once a week, a long list of assorted items the family needed until next week sitting in a reusable bag on her shoulder. There are significant events that have occurred over the past three generation in my family that shape and mold what we eat and how we celebrate holidays
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I have all the information I could ever want at my fingertips. All I have to do is care enough to reach out and take it. One thing that is of great importance when discussing globalization is the idea that I can now somehow connect myself with the rest of the world. However, when I go out to eat at a sushi restaurant, I can feel the eyes of the staff on me as I pick up my fork because I never learned how to use chopsticks properly. Apparently, eating out and eating foods from other cultures is supposed to help bridge the gap between your own culture and someone else’s (Watson 1998:75). But if this is true, then why do I feel so awkward and out of place? There isn’t a bridge so much as a black hole that I am struggling to jump …show more content…
I remember getting ridiculed three years ago when I finally made the transition. I know globalization has had the greatest impact on my decision. I became obsessed with food when I was thirteen. I researched calorie intake, nutritional value, pesticide use, and everything else in between. Through countless documentaries and books, my ideas about food around the world changed dramatically. This type of knowledge I was obtaining was not available to generations before me. In fact, I don’t think my grandmother really cared much about calorie intake. They ate their food from the garden and that was that. Today, it’s complicated. A person today has to know what they’re eating, even if they don’t know where it originally comes from (Koshy

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