Impact Of Globalization And Technology In The Workplace

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Register to read the introduction… Technology has improved workers output in terms of hard work and intelligent cooperation and communication. For example today we can send out emails regarding certain topics and anyone who received the email can read it and when the team of email recipients comes to discussion, everyone will be on the same page. Technology has also improved communication, now we can easily have a PowerPoint slide on the screen and information easily gets transmitted better to workers. However, technology has also lead to the diminishment of basic jobs. For example, in a supermarket there are self-checkout lines that have computers to guide customers. This replaces workers behind the cashier. Another example would be the “EZ-PASS”, a small device used to detect your billing information in order to charge you of toll automatically, replacing the necessity of toll booth workers. “Technology is eating jobs— and not just toll takers” (Kessler 331). All in all, globalization and technology has brought upon great changes to the modern workplace. From workers being hired from other countries to the acceptance of various cultures and creating of new rules due to cultural diversity. Technology has improved communication and workers output while also diminished basic jobs such as cashier or toll booth operator. Globalization has led to the “coming together” of people from all nationalities creating job demand and technology has improved job efficiency while removing basic

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