Impact Of Global Warming On The Environment Essay

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2) Biocapacity is the ability of the natural ecosystem to renew what people demand from it. Human demands include agricultural output as well as the ability for the ecosystem to absorb the waste that is generated by humans. Ecological Footprint on the other hand is how much area of biologically productive land and water is required per individual to produce all of the resources it consumes and to absorb the waste it generates. The biocapacity of a region is likely to change over time for many reasons. The first could be a change in climate. The more productive land is, the higher the biocapacity of the area is. With the effects of global warming, this is likely to diminish the biocapacity of regions over time as harsher climates make land less productive. Another reason for the change of biocapacity over time is how the ecosystem is managed. The more effort that is placed into the sustainability of region and ecological renewal, the higher the biocapacity of a region will be. Ecological Footprint is also affected by a variety of factors. It will increase when demand for more land intensive products increases. Likewise, the Ecological Footprint can decrease when national policy or social ideals push toward greater sustainability of the environment.

3) Social, economic and political factors all play a part in the Ecological Footprint of a country. In regards to social factors, the wealthier a nation is, the higher its Ecological Footprint will likely be. With more money to…

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