Impact of Free Sex Essay

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A. Background

The attitude of the government in dealing with free sex needs people’s attention, because without intervention from both of them, we won’t reach what we wanted. Because people, especially teenagers still in renewal misinterpreted freedom. Therefore, many young people who fall into things that are not desirable, and most of them influenced from the outside environment that damage the young generation because of his passion to get along even though they're going the wrong way. Therefore, the teens should have a lot of guidance from teachers and parents. Due to modern era, adolescents are easily influenced by new things without knowing the risks. Nowadays many young people fall into free sex,
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Indonesian penal code, Waluyadi’s work. In this book explained that, Article 284 of the Penal Code is one of the offense inclusion in the offense decency. The author also explains that the sentences handed to the two perpetrators of adultery is logical, because in addition to working to protect the public as well as a form of respect for the institution of marriage.

Formulation crime of adultery under Article 284 of the Criminal Code is adultery committed by two people in which one or both are married to and lodged by the wife or husband and adultery on the basis of consensual. The penalty is a maximum of nine months in jail. For this offense the Criminal Code as a criminal complaint placed. The setting is open space and vast opportunities for the spread offense of adultery in many forms and variations. The presence of the article must have been largely irrelevant and cannot be said that the article was ideal as a legal product that guarantees the establishment of security and order in society as the purpose of the law in all aspire. In fact, the substance of the article was not able to reflect and accommodate the legal values that live in the community, both customary law and religious law.

Free Sex, Drugs and AIDS The Alarming DUMAI (RP) - The Case of Drugs, HIV / AIDS and sex free teen life today struck Indonesia. Based on research by Australian National University and the University of Indonesia (UI) of

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