Impact Of Engineering Technology On The Middle East Essay

1187 Words Apr 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Engineering is basically coming up with solutions to the problems that affect the society. It may also be referred as coming up with creative imaginations and implementing them. Engineering technology has really improved the lives of many in the society.
A good example is in the Middle East where tremendous engineering technology has been noted. There been a great increase in the construction sector and this has resulted to rise in employment opportunities not only in the area but also in the whole world. Another great sector is the industry sectors especially the fire protection engineering. Specifically the United Arab Emirates and Qatar hold and host fire protection engineers who come from all over the world especially from USA, Europe, UK and Australia to learn from them. To show how well fire engineering is well developed in the Middle East the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an already established fire protecting engineering. Typically the Middle East has been on the rise in building the tallest building in the most uncommon designs. This building has resulted to hotels, residential places, commercial places and retail places. Due to the continuous funding from the government this has resulted to rise in schooling, transport project and hospital bills. Fire engineering technology especially in the fast growing country is very important to be considered because if not considered results to high cost of protection which could have been…

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