Impact Of Economic Globalization On China 's Foreign Policy Essay

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I. The impact of economic globalization on China 's foreign policy and foreign policy: economic globalization is the profound background and fundamental trend of the development and change of the world today. To correctly understand and properly cope with globalization is not only conducive to the promotion of scientific development, harmonious development and peaceful development, but also conducive to promoting the transformation of the international system, the construction of a harmonious world and the progress of human civilization. One
At present, the economic globalization has been far beyond the economic field, is on the international political, security, social and cultural fields, such as the growing impact of a wide range of. The positive effects of globalization are mainly:
(a) to promote the development model innovation. Globalization promotes the production, resources, personnel, trade, investment and finance, the global optimal allocation of production factors, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Multi-National Corporation has developed to the global distribution of R & D, production and sales of the chain of Global Corporation phase. Experience shows that a country 's economic openness is proportional to its per capita GDP growth. No matter how the development model of a country adjusts and changes, it is impossible to explore an advanced development model without taking into account the factors of globalization.
(two) to promote the integration of…

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