Impact Of Deforestation On Chile

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Chile is loosing its biodiversity as you read this paragraph. The country suffers from widespread rapid deforestation putting an end to many of the most unique animals on the planet. Chile has over 80 percent of their natural forest wiped out. Due to the demand for wooded products many large companies have wiped out native forest area and even planted non-native trees, which now dominate throughout the country. In this paper I will bring to the forefront the major impacts that deforestation has on Chiles’ environment and animals living in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, which is part of the worlds temperate rainforest.
Chile is known for their abundance of forest and biodiversity. The Valdivian Coastal Reserve contains a variety of temperate
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The Spanish destroyed much of the forest for land and agriculture. The trees were cut for construction materials and wood to burn. According to, Mary T. Kalin Arroyo and Adrian Hoffmann who are professors at the Universidad de Chile, she describes in her article, “Temperate Rain Forest of Chile” that The really impactful deforestation in the temperate rainforest didn’t really begin until the 19th century. Arroyo says, this was one of the most massive deforestations recorded in Latin America. After the nineteenth century and colonist began occupying the lower parts of the rainforest only 25% of Chiles original area of native forests were …show more content…
Fauna is any animal life in a certain region or time of existence. Flora is a term for plants in a particular region or time of existence. In Cristian Echeverria, David Coomes, Javier Salas, Jose Maria Rey-Benays, Antonio Lara and Adrian Newton’s article “Rapid Deforestation and Fragmentation of Chilean Temperate Forests” they claim, “These biodiversity changes in the forest are leading to a substantial change of the original forest composition at the landscape level”(490).
The deforestation in Chile is causing serious problems to the biodiversity in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve. In Pablo M. Vergara, Christian G. Perez Hernandez, Ingo J.Hahn, and Gerardo E. Soto’s article, “Deforestation in Central Chile Causes a Rapid Decline in Land space Connectivity for a Forest Specialist Bird Species”, authors claims, “An increasingly fragmented landscape can become unsuitable even for species exhibiting large dispersal capabilities due to the reduction in the amount and quality of habitat available for these species” (1). Chile is facing loss in native species at a rapid

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