Impact Of Climate Change On The United States Essay

838 Words Nov 7th, 2015 4 Pages
The impacts of climate change have progressed so far, making it impossible to end since the first signs of global warming arose at the beginning of the 20th century (Background on the UNCCC, 2014). Industrialized nations are heavily bound by climate change treaties as they set out goals for emission reductions (Background on the UNCCC, 2014). The Kyoto Protocol only applies to first world countries, as they have released the utmost amounts of gases into the air (Background on the UNCCC, 2014). Furthermore, the notion of “common but differentiated responsibilities” states that all countries are supposed to be addressing climate change although; they aren’t all equally liable (Making those first steps count: An Introduction to the Kyoto Protocol, 2014). There are two types of justices that can be related to climate change; distributive justice and corrective justice (Posner and Sunstein, 1567). However; in this paper the corrective justice approach would be argued as it relies on moral perceptions, dealing with offenders and their victims (Posner & Sunstein, 1591). According to corrective justice, difficulties will be experienced in political-decision making negotiations as it is a moral idea dealing with historical incorrect behavior (Posner & Sunstein, 1592). The majority of the world believes that the first world countries initially engaged in wrongful behavior as they have contributed the most to global warming (Posner & Sunstein, 1592). One of the complications is that,…

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