Impact Of Civil War On The United States Essay

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PA Impact on Civil War

The split of a nation in two because of conflict without a resolution resulted in the bloodiest war the United States has ever witnessed to this day. This was the case during the mid 1800’s when the United States engaged in the war we know today as the American Civil War. Slave states and free states quarreled over the issue of slavery and the role of the federal government in the matter. The conflict was eventually resolved when the Union defeated the Confederate army in 1865, but the question could be asked as to the reason for the success of the north over the south. Though there are many underlying reasons as to how the Union came to be victorious, one can be seen clearly through the impact the state of Pennsylvania had prior to and during the war. During the Civil War from 1861-1865 when the United States became a divided nation, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania played a crucial role in the ultimate success of the Union Army. Their contribution to the war effort came in the form of providing resources of all different aspects, the countless leaders that took their place and the strategic battlegrounds in which were fought upon. The United States as it is known today would most likely be vastly different had the Union not been victorious during the Civil War and had the commonwealth of Pennsylvania not played such a vital role in aiding the war effort. At the time of the war, Pennsylvania industry was growing immensely. The growth of…

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