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The word Management can be styled as- Management (i.e manage-men-tactfully ). It is an art of getting things through people. But in modern approach of management it involves all kind of activities which determine the objectives of the organization. * Management is an important element in every organization. It is the element that coordinates currents organizational activities and plans for the future. * The management adapts the organization to its environment and shapes the organization to make it more suitable to the organization. * Management is the brain of an organization because it takes decision at
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3) Distinct process: Like Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing & Controlling. 4) Managers & system of Authority: A Hierarchy of command & control 5) Integration of Human Resources: Integration of Human & other resources to achieve the desired objectives. 6) Multi Disciplinary subject: It takes help of so many other discipline like engineering, sociology & Psychology. 7) Universal in Character: Principles & Techniques of Management are equally applicable in the field of business, education, military, government & Hospitals.
In order to understand the role of Management, Henry Mintzberg develop a new approach known as Managerial approach. It is grouped into 3 categories
INTERPERSONAL ROLE: Head, Leader, Liaison
INFORMATIONAL ROLES: Recipient, Spokesperson
DECISIONAL ROLES: Manager’s Decision may affect the future of organization
* Planning is the primary function of management. * It involves determination of a course of action to achieve desired results/objectives. * Planning is the starting point of management process and all other functions of management are related to and dependent on planning function. * Planning is the key to success, stability and prosperity in business. * It acts

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