Impact Of Automation On Situational Awareness Multi Crew Air Carrier Flight Operations

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The Impact of Automation on Situational Awareness Multi-Crew Air Carrier Flight Operations The aviation industry has been characterized by constant search or pursuit for innovations to improve the efficiency and safety of flights. The search has contributed to various implementations that have been established to help the pilot and ease his/her job. One of the major innovations that have been implemented to help ease the pilot’s work is automation of certain processes. Before the concept and use of automation, pilots largely depended on paper charts and flight calculators to navigate through the skies. During this period, pilots had to consistently check and re-check to ensure the aircraft was functioning as anticipated and on course. The rapid technological advancements contributed to the development and implementation of automation in order to enhance the operations, safety, and efficiency of flight operations. Automation not only eliminated the charts and calculations but also helped in enhancing pilots’ situational awareness. However, there are concerns on the impact of automation on situational awareness, especially in flight operations with multi-crew.
Situational Awareness Situational awareness is basically defined as understanding what is taking place around you and understanding the present and future significance of that information (Endsley & Jones, 2004, p.13). Awareness is a concept that is always described on the basis of important information for a…

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