Essay on Impact Of Ancient Greek Society On The Modern Western World

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The impact of Ancient Greek society on the Modern Western World is still felt and seen in many different ways. The Ancient Greeks had many distinct views and contributions to Philosophy, Architecture, and Literature. Ancient Greece was the birth place of Philosophy. Many Greeks were wise beyond their years and had a curious and philosophical nature. “The Greek thinkers invented “natural philosophy”, a term that encompasses the fields we now call “Philosophy” and “Science”. Pg.47, Chapter 2: The Aegean. Western Philosophy was founded on the Coast of Ionian in the sixth century BCE. The Greeks were focused on enlightening themselves and fellow Greeks with their knowledge, and to finding conclusions to common questions of Why does this do this? , and how does this affect us or the people around us?
Thales was one of these philosophers, he believed that everything was made up of matter, he had many other people within his circle that had the same beliefs, however they proposed other elements such as earth, air, fire. These constant changes on philosophers led to contributions known today as physics, chemistry and other science that are used in the modern world. If the Greeks never discovered these findings we may have a completely different world today.

During the Hellenic Age, the outlook of philosophy evolved to reflect a different way of thinking from what had previously been founded. There was a change to look towards “ethics”, “right conduct”, and “epistemology”, the…

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