Impact of Affordable Care Act on North Carolina Uninsured Population

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Impact of Affordable Care Act on North Carolina Uninsured Population
Rita Santos
Walden University
NURS-6050N-1,Policy & Advocacy for Population Health
January 3, 2014
Impact of ACA on North Carolina Uninsured Population The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in vigor since January 1, 2014, and hospitals and health care providers are not sure about how many people will knock at their door for health care. So far, according to Camp (2014) “More than two million people across the country have signed up for healthcare under the ACA and hospitals are bracing for a wave of newly insured patients”. How does that affect the uninsured people in North Carolina is an unanswered question. Seventeen percent of North Carolina’s residents are
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Will American society finally have an equally health care system distribution? How are 32 million new health care system’s users fit into an already deficient system? Will there be enough nurses and doctors to deliver the quality of care that everyone is entitled? Is it a fair system for the society, is everyone getting what is deserved? Many people would like to speak up what they think about health care:
What do Americans want from their health care system? Four fundamental goals have shaped our system. First, we want high quality health care that can provide the greatest benefits. Second, we want freedom of choice so that we can decide the “who, when, and where” for our health care. Third, we expect our health care to be affordable so that we have resources for all of the other things we need or want. Fourth, we want our fellow citizens to share in the costs and also benefits of health care” (Sorrell, 2012). At one hand Franklin Roosevelt (1944) in the “Second Bill of Rights” mentions “the right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health”. At the second hand who is paing for the good health care that everyone wants? Health care providers would they be nurses or doctors have their part to do in the delivery of quality health care, but a health care system that makes justice to everyone depends on the whole society. I

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