Impact Of Advertising On The Western Society Essay

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Women at Brink
What are the impacts of advertising of women in the western society?
Women in the western society are negatively affected by the advertising because it influences eating disorder, violence against women, and the role in the society.
Women who are affected by advertising get eating disorder.
Advertising can affect women to become the victims of violence.
Advertising effects women’s role in the society.
II. The altered body image of women in the advertising lies deep within their mind causing health problems such as eating disorder.
The American Medical Association, AMA, announced to the public that image alterations through processes such as photoshop can contribute to unrealistic body image expectations, eating disorders, and other emotional problems especially to child and adolescents (para Diller).
Advertisements with altered body images of women cause them to have eating disorders from young age.
“Photoshopping and airbrushing, many believe, are now an inherent part of the beauty industry, as are makeup, lighting and styling” (Diller). i. Beauty that was achieved only with airbrushing and cosmetics are now fulfilled with digital effects. Altering body images has become core of the advertising industry in the western society. Hence, it is inevitable for women to incorporate the society’s view of beauty.
A research conducted by Wendy Spettigue, M.D., proved that women who are exposed to advertisements with women in thin images…

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