Immunizations Should Be Required For Children Essay example

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Immunizations should be required for children because they are healthy for the child. Immunizations has the word immune in it which describes what a vaccine does to a child. The immunizations keep children immune from diseases such as polio, chicken pox, and measles. The immunizations are given to children as a vaccine, which has weak lab-made proteins that act like the actual disease in order to teach the human body how to become immune to it. WebMD claims, “Each of the diseases addressed by these vaccines posed a serious health threat to children, taking their lives by the thousands; today most of these diseases are at their lowest levels in decades” (Which Immunizations Do My Children Need 1). These diseases are not healthy for people to live with. Polio, for example, would affect the nerves of the patient which would cause for muscles to be paralyzed. The disease would paralyze multiple muscles until it affected the lungs and ultimately would cause the patient to not be able to breathe on their own. If the patient survived then they would be required to spend their whole life in an iron lung, which was not comfortable for them at all. Now with Immunizations the diseases are preventable for children, thus, making them live long healthy lives. Medicine Net observes that,”Immunizations help your child 's immune system do its work. The child develops protection against future infections, the same as if he or she had been exposed to the natural disease” (How Immunity Works…

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