Essay on Immunization Is The Most Important Treatment

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Preventive care is the most important treatment that pediatrics resorts to and the most important way of doing so is IMMUNIZATION. Ever since immunization was introduced as a method of preventive treatment it has reduced the child mortality rate to minimum. Smallpox is globally eradicated and polio and diphtheria is almost nonexistent in North America. Vaccination and immunization has saved lives of millions of children in the third world countries. Immunization is important for children because they are at a much higher of getting serious complication with diseases like measles, smallpox, polio, diphtheria etc. The four most important reasons why it is important to immunization are as follows:
Vaccination is a very safe and effective way to prevent diseases.
Immunization will save a child’s live.
Immunization saves you and your family time and money.
Immunization helps to create healthy new generation.
Immunization not only saves individual but the whole community. When we protect our community from infectious disease we protect our community. Therefore THE NATIONAL IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM OF THE U.S. CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION is always engaged with the community via communication methods such as information hotline and other activities to make the community aware.

All said and done vaccines do carry some risks and this is agreed by the scientific community. But the safety of society, community and the world in general does take precedence against such risks.…

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