Essay about Immunization Is Important For Them And The General Public

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Immunization in children is very important for them and the general public. "Infectious diseases were historically the most significant wasters of human life, but now they have been controlled by many methods, including Improved proved nutrition, sanitation, and housing and, more recently, the development of immunizations and antibiotics. Immunizations are undoubtedly the most significant contribution of science to the control disease. Smallpox has been eliminated from the face of the earth by the worldwide campaign of the World Health Organization; the last case in the world occurred in 1977 and the disease was declared eradicated in 1980. Polio, which crippled 20,000 Americans a year in the early 1950s, no longer affects children in the United States, thanks to immunization campaigns," (Pantell, 2009).

The World Health Organization eliminated smallpox. That is not only incredibly amazing that no one has to die from small pox anymore, it is also noteworthy that a huge organization that involves many, many nations was involved in such a huge campaign. So many hundreds of thousands of people backed immunizations, not just in the United States but worldwide. Worldwide organizations are immunizing children and adults to rid the world of common diseases.

"We are in a critical period in this nation’s history with regard to immunizations. Many people have become complacent about immunizations because of the rarity of the diseases they prevent.…

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