Immune Systems And The Immune System Essay

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As a health science major or even someone adequately informed on healthcare knowledge knows which populations are more susceptible to infections. Those populations being children, elderly, and immune deficient or compromised populations. While the immune comprised are just how their title makes them sound, their immune systems do not function properly whether it is due to genetics or simply something they are going through health wise. Children however have not yet had the chance to build up their immune systems to fight off the pathogens they have been exposed to. Simply because they have not been around long enough to encounter these pathogens and strengthen their immune systems. Now the population at hand, elders. Unlike children they have fought off more infections however, their organs as well as immune system do not work as well due decrease in function because of how long these organs have been performing.
Several of the factors recognized as contributing to their increased susceptibility include weakening physiologic functioning and compromised host-defense mechanisms, such are their immune system. Amplified incidence of mechanical risk factors, such as pressure ulcers, permanent catheters, feeding tubes, and injuries. Also comorbidities, for example, soft tissue or pulmonary edema. Progressive problems like pulmonary hypoventilation (breathing at an abnormally slow rate), pulmonary aspiration (entry of foreign material into the respiratory tract), immobility, and…

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