Essay about Immune System ( Remove )

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Immune System(Remove)

What does immune system means? The immune system is the one of necessity system in the body. It helps the body defend against every foreign body that causes disease for body. The immune system is getting stronger and stronger while it destroys disease. It takes experience from disease which it is destroyed. The immune system is defined as “the system that protects your body from diseases and infections” in Merriam-Webster dictionary. In other words, the immune system safeguards the body from illness and discovers every foreign organisms inside body. The history of the immune system come back from the last 19th ago. However, from that time scientist have a few information of it. Today, it gets development from scientist to know how to work. The immune system is one of the first subject people learned about. When we test the immune system, you able to detect infection inside the body. It is getting more and more common to study the immune system. The more time that passes, the more we learn about the immune system. The immune system is able to resist some disease and poisons. Sometimes the immune system cannot destroy disease alone. It needs some stimulation to help it destroy foreign bodies. Therefore, some doctors give patients vaccines to simulate the immune system to defect against microbes. When the body gets this disease again, the body can defect about its self without any help. The immune system can recognize antigen or antibody…

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