Immorality Of Legalizing Recreational Drugs

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The Immorality of Legalizing Recreational Drugs
Recreational drugs are drugs with psychoactive (mind-altering) effects that are taken mainly for the “high” rather than for a legitimate medical purpose. Recreational drugs are commonly split up into four categories: 1. Hallucinogenic drugs (drugs that distort a person’s perceived reality) 2. Depressants (inhibits function of central nervous system) 3. Stimulants (speeds up functions of the central nervous system). The use of recreational drugs has been a point of contention in politics in recent years. With the legalization of marijuana in the states of Colorado and Washington, there is a question of whether all recreational drugs should be legalized. I believe, however, that in order to keep
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Additionally, the government has made alcohol legal, which has the capability of severely distorting cognitive function, and therefore the government should make recreational drugs legal as well. First, the government would be able to better control the trafficking of drugs by making them legal. In the current market, drugs are sold on the black market, which is illegal. However, by making the drugs legal, the government could better control the quantity sold as well as who sells it. As a result, the drug dealers who currently run the streets would become extraneous because there would no longer be any use for them. Along the same lines, many areas would become safer as a result of illegal drug trafficking becoming irrelevant. With the depletion in demand for drug dealers, disputes over the distribution of drugs would conceivably disappear. Second, if the government were to make recreational drugs legal, the government would be involved in the manufacturing side as well. Resultantly, the government would be able to monitor and refine the drug production, making the products better and conceivably decreasing the severity. Similar to underage drinking, people use recreational drugs for liberating effects. Part of the reason why these people use them is because it is against the law and feel satisfaction in the thrill of doing something illegal. By making recreational drugs legal, however, that incentive diminishes. Lastly, the government’s legalizing of alcohol makes you question why they shouldn’t do the same for recreational drugs. Alcohol is very easily accessible to those of age, so why should other substances not be legalized? In fact, some recreational drugs may be a safer alternative to alcohol, such as marijuana. Although both are dangerous while driving

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