Immigration Essay example

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International Education Programs: Risk Management Albert Einstein once said, “There is no scientific antidote (to the atomic bomb), only education. You’ve got to change the way people think. I am not interested in disarmament talks between nations - What I want to do is to disarm the mind. After that, everything else will automatically follow. The ultimate weapon for such mental disarmament is international education.” Although those words were spoken decades ago, they are most applicable in the current era of our society. Today, international education programs are faced with several socio and macro-economic challenges, particularly in the United States. These dynamics significantly impact the education programs, driven primarily by …show more content…
Participation within traditional in-country programs within Universities is also changing. 7 million students are estimated to take at least one online class with millions more to come. Electronically delivered instruction is the trend, and many other countries are exploring this avenue. A survey done by the Babson Survey Research Group and the College Board, reported that over 6.1 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall term of 2011. International students make up a significant proportion of the population participating in these programs. At the same time, there has been significant increase in the number of dual-degree programs as the United States continues to partner with institutions abroad. Regardless of these trends, immigration policies have remained stagnant and outdated, with little to no adaption to these key macro-dynamic signals. All of these had led to an unnecessary constraint in the number of offered innovative international programs due to an archaic immigration environment.
Outside of the United States, globalization places a steep contrast to our outdated regulations. Most governments are establishing rules and regulations that promote the proliferation of international education programs and increase the competitiveness from an economic perspective. They understand the intimate linkage between competitiveness and higher

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