Essay Immigration : The United States

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The United States is a country that for many decades has struggled with immigration. Many people from around the world come in hopes of finding more opportunities they could not receive in their countries. So when it comes to the how the U.S. deals with immigration, it can affect everybody from all over the globe. Millions of people come through the borders with visas for many reasons, but a high amount also come illegally. Immigration can include the policies it takes to manage and secure the borders, as well as how to manage the cases of people here in the U.S. already. The United States should focus its immigration policies more on the people already here inside the country instead of spending more resources on securing the border.

Immigration policies focus on many things, but one of the main topics discussed by both Democrats and Republicans is how to secure the border. This includes how much money will be spent on doing so and where those resources will be directed towards. To illustrate, in 2013 over $12 billion from taxpayers pockets were spent on securing the frontier (Vetter). This money was used for things such as fencing, managment and administration, technology, etc. Around 68,000 children were detained at the border between the Mexico and U.S. this year (Gonchar). These kids flee from their country due to poverty, violence, etc. and they seek help. They are sent to centers inside the U.S. to give them care and that is where policies on how to handle…

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