Immigration Research Paper On Immigration In The United States

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Immigration Research Paper

Approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school, many at the top of their classes but cannot go to college, join the military, work or otherwise pursue their Dreams. Even though some people believe illegals abuse the Dream Act, immigrants should have the same rights as citizens because minor children brought to this country illegally by an adult should be allowed to earn citizenship and immigrants that go to college can help build a better society.
Some people believe illegals abuse the Dream Act. For example Sen. Session explains “ This bill simply incentivizes and rewards more illegality. And if it passes, what principle would lawmakers cite to object to another one after that? its passage
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Not all immigrants are irresponsible people, minor immigrants especially those who have lived here all or most of their life in this country should be allowed to earn a citizenship. Minor children should be allowed to earn a citizenship, and also have the same rights as a citizen in this country because if they were brought as a little kid to this country then they count as being citizens but without the title. Is minor immigrants were given the dream act then they will be a lot to do so much more massive they were citizens. The dream act allow students to go to go to college and get financial aid. The dream that provides a social number that is given to immigrants that will allow them to put it in a application or such. Minor immigrants should have the right to have this big privilege in this country because they had no sane and coming to this country. To this minor immigrants coming to this country away from their home was not an option, they only go to where their parents take them. There are minor immigrants who want to join the Air Force answer for this country because they feel like this country is their home. A lot of immigrants think of this country as their home because they were brought to this country as babies therefore they don 't know what the real home is …show more content…
The biggest motivation for any young immigrant is to finish a good career and prove to himself and family that they did it, and got to where some people said they may never get. Minor immigrants will graduate from a four year college and still continue further their education meaning they they will more than likely be successful in life, and help more chance are that they will help build a better society. The main careers that most immigrants graduate from would be science, engineering, math, and technology. all of this four careers connect to each other and they are a good paying

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