Immigration Reform : The United States Essay

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Will an immigration reform come out soon or no? This is the question that 11 million immigrants have been waiting to get an answer for. Many people all around the world come to the United States with the expectations of freedom and better life opportunities to live the American dream. However, the current immigration system in the United States is broken. Families get separated, immigrant workers become exploited, people die while they try to cross the border, and people get discriminated for following their dreams… These are only a few outcomes of the current broken immigration system. To stop these consequences, an immigration reform is needed now. Passing a new immigration reform will benefit not only immigrants, but also the United States’ families, workers, economy, and the security.
In 2016, the Hispanic population represents nearly 17% of the total U.S. population, becoming the largest minority. There are more than 53 million of Hispanics-and-Latinos in the U.S. Thus, the U.S. Census Bureau (2012) projected that it expects the Hispanic/Latino population to exceed 128 million by 2060, becoming then one third of the total U.S. population. (Hyatt-Burkhart p4-21. 18p. )
Also, having an immigration reform will allow more immigrants to enter the United States with the right documents, not as smugglers. It will require that all undocumented immigrants to register themselves with the Department of Homeland Security, and to go through a background security check for criminal…

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