Essay about Immigration Reform, And Better Care For Veterans

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Background: President Trump has made several campaigns promises that have varying difficulty of accomplishing considering the current political climate. Some of his policies he plans to implement are the increase funding for services that give veterans better mental health care and transform the VA to meet 21’st century veteran needs. Immigration reform, more specifically the prevention of immigration from known countries that host terrorist threats temporarily until we can properly vet the immigrants. Renegotiate trade deals with China to benefit the United States. The two policy issues he should focus on are Immigration reform, and better care for veterans. Policy Platform: The reform of the VA system would be considered a change in social welfare policy because after a veteran leaves active duty they do become citizens. This kind of policy would meet little resistance when brought up on the house and senate floor because it bipartisan ideal within our country that we have the upmost respect and reverence for our veterans. The policy will specifically make healthcare more readily available for veterans while removing the corruption within the organizations. President Trump wants to first put people in charge if the VA, which is a step towards ending the corruption by placing honest individuals instead of sticking with those who are questionable as well as using his power as President to discipline those who have violated the public trust and failed to carry out their…

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