Immigration Problem Essay

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In the world today, “Ten to thirteen million illegal immigrants live in America” (Watkins). According to the recent study, “The Percentage of immigrants living in the U.S.A. is almost fourteen percent”(Wooldridge). This problem is an issue in the U.S. and will be an issue in all of the nations including Europe, Asia, etcetera. If it is not fixed. Reason is that the immigrants get more government help or welfare some may call it, than the registered citizens of America. Studies show that 51 percent of homes led by immigrants are getting some kind of government help (Gomez). When there is help able to use then it should be used by the citizens of that country. All immigration needs to be controlled so anything tragic won 't happen anymore.
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They cannot do that but the thing is they are. Since they are not citizens of America, then they do not have to pay taxes. They have children and a lot of other things to pay, like Americans do not They do pay taxes when you think about it because everybody has to pay property taxes. They also pay taxes when they purchase gas, groceries or anything else, for example if they go out to eat with their family when they pay the bill they are paying taxes. “Hillary clinton stated that undocumented immigrants in New York, pay more taxes than the big corporations in New York (Kessler). These big corporations have to pay taxes or they will not stay a big corporation, on the other hand, though illegal immigrants will stay alive if they do not pay taxes. The only way to make things fair is if immigrants are fined or kicked out of the U.S. if they do not pay taxes. Immigrants do not come to America to take advantage of the government help programs like welfare and food stamps etcetera, they come here to reunite with their family members and to make more money. People say that they come here to take our jobs and steal our money, they do but, they do not because immigrants come into the U.S. and get jobs, but the people that are complaining about immigrants stealing our jobs are probably too lazy to get up and get a job. They contribute over one hundred - fifty billion in tax revenue to America. …show more content…
is racist against immigrants, however it is the fact that illegal immigrants are taking advantage of us. Once they stop taking advantage of us and actually start repaying us then the U.S. will not have a problem. For example, the latest attack on San Bernardino was an incident where illegal Muslims attacked and killed 14 people. Immigrants are mistaken as always being Hispanic, that is not the case. A lot of immigrants are Hispanic, but there is some different races of immigrants. The U.S. has a variety races of immigrants and lately all the Muslim immigrants are the biggest race of immigrants. Muslims are coming into America and that is what they are getting. 15 minutes of fame are what some call it and that is what the Muslims are after. Innocent people are getting killed because of this problem. If these muslims would just stay calm and not try to get on television and social media, then the U.S. would not have a problem with them. Some people act like Muslim immigrants are not that much of a problem. The only downfall to getting immigrants out of the U.S. is that it is going to make more want to come to America (Hawkins). That makes sense, when somebody is in danger and they want to help then most people are going to help because it is a nice thing to do. If they was to get helped then that person who helped the must have been really generous because they are putting their life in danger. Another thing is, when someone does something bad and gets

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