Immigration Policy Of The United States Essay

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In the election of 2016, which was fought between President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, one of the most important issues that was stressed, was over the immigration policy. Many Americans have varied opinions of how immigration policy should be shaped. Many industry leaders prefer to use immigrant labor, because they are usually cheaper to employ than comparable American workers. When given the choice of paying an American a high price and paying a foreigner a lower price for the same output, an employer will generally hire the foreign labor.
One of the most interesting forms of immigration in America is the student visa program. One major concern regarding the implementation of student visas to the American way of life, is the sheer number of visa overstays. The Migration Policy Institute has released a statement, which reveals that an estimated 40% of the 11 million illegal immigrants came to the United States on valid visas, but never left when they expired. The student visa program is positive because it allows foreign students to participate in the American schooling system, however, some students do not follow the rules that have been established for entering the United States on a visa. If a student wishes to come to the United States to study at any college or university, that student must obtain an F-class visa. The other type of visa that a college student may apply to receive is known as the J-class visa. Regardless of the type of visa a student…

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