Immigration Policy Of The United States Essay

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In May 1939, the United States sent nearly 1000 people to their deaths when they refused to allow a ship named the Saint Louis to dock at American ports because of immigration policy. Now we hold holocaust parades and have memorials just to say we will never again sit idle and let people like them die, whether they be foreign or not. Yet every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants die from international terrorist groups such as ISIS or the National Liberation Army (ELN) while sitting on the waiting list to enter into the U.S. legally. While there has been bipartisan immigration reforms from Carter’s Mariel Boatlift to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, it can still take months just to apply for a visa and years to get accepted (United 2). Easing immigration to America from the rest of the world can only serve to help make America stronger. The U.S. government should streamline the process to gain citizenship for immigrants because of positive effects on illegal immigration, projected economic growth, and domestic safety.
Certain groups think that immigrants take away jobs from hard working Americans, a process which would be expedited by enacting policies that streamline the process for citizenship. They feel that loose immigration laws flood the market with huge amounts of unskilled workers. FAIR (the Federation for Immigration Reform) charged that “Nearly 31% of foreign-born residents over the age of 25 are without a high school diploma,…

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