Essay on Immigration Policies Of The United States

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For countries around the world, immigration policies may be different. For example, Japan has strict immigration policies, but, the United Kingdom had around 7.5 million immigrants in their country in 2011 (Line). One of the main discussions in American history about immigration, is the amount of people who come in with visas, and overstay their visits (Bouvier). Immigration has recently been brought to the attention of the United Nations, who is doing research on statistics of asylum seekers, refugees, and permanent resident status (Percy). Because of the differences worldwide, there is no easy solution to handling immigration properly. This is why it is important for each country to create their own policies, based on the countries personal needs and where the country is economically. In the United States, the opinions of the two political parties clash, making it difficult for the U.S. to make an immigration law that suits both the Democrats and the Republicans. Democrats believe that it is simple, and would love to make an easy path to citizenship for immigrants in need. On the other hand, Republicans believe that there should be stronger immigration laws in the country, as well as more firm repercussions for those who do try to seek safety in the U.S. Due to the clash of opinions, members of America’s political society need to create new laws that will satisfy both parties.
There are many reasons people in foreign countries decide to migrate to the United States. The…

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