Immigration Policies Of The United States Essay

1280 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
The United States has long been a beacon of freedom for immigrants, since the day it was founded in 1776. This country was created by immigrants and has flourished from the continual migration of individuals from their home countries to the US. While this country may have been founded by immigrants, there has always been some sort of push back against the migrants fleeing to the US for a better life. As part of the Obama administration, there is clearly something broken with our immigration policies. The influx of latin american immigrants to the United States has caused tensions throughout the country as individuals view these new immigrants as pests and ruining the way of life that has been established. However, the issues do not reside with the amount of immigrants coming into the US, it comes from the extreme amount entering the US illegally. Entering illegally, these individuals seek hope for a better future for themselves and their families. However, these illegal immigrants go to extreme measures to ensure that they make it into the US. Sometimes hiring smugglers that promise an ensured path to freedom, or taking it upon themselves to try and make it across the border. Illegal immigrants evade every form of documentation that denotes you as an individual residing in the United States. This being one of the main oppositions to these immigrants, including that they are taking our jobs, bringing crime into the country, and not paying taxes while they continue to use…

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