Immigration Of The United States Essay

937 Words Mar 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Brennan Meier
Mrs. Jones
English 12/Period 1
15 March 2016
Immigration in the United States
To nobody 's surprise, “The United States has the largest illegal immigrant population of any country” (“Illegal Immigrants”). When talking about immigration people need know what that two forms of immigration. The first kind is illegal immigration, which is when an "illegal" immigrant is a person who does so without following the established legal procedures of the destination country and who resides in that country without proper visas or other documents. Illegal immigrants are sometimes referred to as "illegal aliens" or "undocumented workers"(Illegal Immigrants). The second kind is legal immigration, and it is when a person follows the legal process to go into a country and get permission. People are most concerned about illegal immigrants and their doings. Immigrants are coming from all over to the United States because they believe that 's the best place to go, and immigration laws are light and hardly enforced. Immigration is a complex topic among many Americans and politicians. People are either with immigration or against it. Although everyone has a different opinion about immigration, most would agree current immigration policy needs reform. More people are against immigration than for it, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. In fact, one of their polls states that 61 percent of Americans agree that continued immigration into the country jeopardizes the United States.…

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