Essay on Immigration Of The United States Should Be Granted

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Immigrants in the United States Should Be Granted Amnesty
There are currently 34.24 million immigrants that have been just as much of an asset to have in our country as any other American. It is because of this that deportation is not the best option of handling America 's immigration issue; instead, amnesty should be granted to illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. Obama, who fully supports granting amnesty, devised a plan consisting of doing background checks on immigrants seeking amnesty, putting in place a fine for illegal aliens granted amnesty, and moving authorities in charge of deportation to guard borders after legalization is established (Boyer 3). In the United States, amnesty should become effective because it will be a better alternative to deportation, help boost the economy, and rebuild our broken immigration system. In contrast, many Americans believe that freeing illegal immigrant should not even be an option. However, granting amnesty to illegal immigrants will still be nationally beneficial; furthermore, Obama’s plan of action should be supported by U.S. citizens to pass it through Congress.
Deportation in these past years has not been effective, and it is clear that granting amnesty to these hard working people is the most humane option. Deportation, the only other option other than amnesty, is a completely absurd idea because "tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions isn 't realistic" (Boyer 4). Deportation unnecessarily breaks apart the…

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