Immigration Laws Should Be Stricter Essay

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There are over 11 million illegal immigrants in America. Many illegal parents have their children over the border allowing them to become American citizens. Citizenship is granted to these kids under the 14th amendment. This is also known as birthright citizenship. People feel strongly about whether this should be allowed or if immigration regulations should be stricter. Many people are supportive of birthright citizenship in the United States, including a highly regarded columnist, Linda Chavez. However, many people are against birthright citizenship, such as the political columnist, George F. Will. Birthright citizenship has its pros and cons, but it is ultimately up to the individual to weigh the effects it will have on their life and decide which side they are on.
Firstly, birthright citizenship supporters believe that if a child is born on American soil, then they are, without a doubt, American. They are allowed to get the same benefits and treatment as children who have more than one American generation. The 14th amendment was defended in the Supreme Court case involving Wong Kim Ark. He was born in the U.S. but was denied entry back after visiting his parents in China. Wong won and the court clarified that the children of diplomats were being addressed when Congress included that having allegiance to the U.S. was a requirement to obtain birthright citizenship (Chavez 594). The United States is recognized as the cultural melting pot of the world because there is an…

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