Immigration Laws Should Be Stricter Illegal Employment Essay

1966 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
Every nation is a nation of immigrants if you go back far enough. This issue on illegal immigration has been facing America for so many years and currently, there are about more than 12 million illegal aliens in the United States, with a million entering the country as legal immigrants on a yearly basis (10 Critical). More than half of these aliens are those who have entered legally but extended their stay without filing for extension. The rest have made their way past borders while risking their lives cramped in trucks. Immigration laws should be stricter because illegal employment is a drain on the economy of the United States and it will make it much safer for citizens.
Jose Gonzales, a naturalized U.S. citizen who worked for a Houston-based trucking company, was driving a tractor-trailer through a U.S. Customs checkpoint on the Mexican border near San Diego when his truck was searched and found forty-five illegal immigrants. The immigrants were concealed in Brazilian-made caskets that were being sent to Los Angeles. They were supplied with bottles of water and even small radios for entertainment as they rode for hours to their destination. These immigrants were interrogated and fingerprinted and then taken back across the border to Mexico. They were released into custody of a Mexican Federal Investigative Agency official at the police station, with instructions not to attempt an illegal return to the United States. Jose Gonzales got worse consequences. He was arrested…

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