Essay on Immigration Is An Opportunity For Cultures

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Immigration has always been a topic of discussion that sparks new opinions, discovers, and changes. Some view immigration as an opportunity for cultures to unite despite their geographical distance and some believe that the meshing of different cultures can be very controversial. But pushing opinions aside, the melting pot that comes with immigration proposes new research and opportunities to conduct analyzation. In the research published in Psychological Science by Mr. Cheung, Ms. Chudek, and Mr. Heine, they took a look at the Chinese population in Canada and conducted a study that would test whether or not there was evidence of a sensitive period for acculturation, the merging of cultures after an extended amount of contact with one another. They wanted to understand the process of acculturation and whether acculturation occurs because of age of exposure or whether there is a specific period of sensitivity that allows for acculturation to be easier. With their findings supporting their hypothesis in the end. For the paper, the researchers proposed the hypotheses of discovering when the developmental period within which people are especially adept at adjusting to a new culture (Cheung, Benjamin, et al.). They began their research by taking 232 participants, 141 of which were females and 91 of which were male. All the participated had immigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver and were ranging from 18 to 60 years old. Their age of immigration also ranged from 1 to 50 years.…

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