Immigration Is A Part Of Our American History Essay

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IMMIGRATION Immigration is a part of our American history, so is illegal immigration. It’s an important chapter that is written anew every day of our lives. Everyone who lives here is an immigrant. Even Native Americans, who lived here before the first Europeans arrived (Morrow 5). Americans don’t realize the struggle immigrants go through to have a better life and to give their kids and family everything they couldn’t on the other side. They have to leave their families, homes, friends, and everything they are used to just to give their family a better life. Why do people immigrate to the United States? The United States offers a chance to improve your life, for personal improvement, or economic gain (Morrow 3). Immigration has a history on how it came to be, on why and how immigrations came to the other side. The Statue of Liberty is a huge symbol that represents freedom to all of those immigrants. Immigration today is changing more and more for the better, and for some for the worst. Immigration and immigration policies have been a part of the American policy since long ago.
The United States had an immigration policy, but not a refugee policy. Until around the late nineteenth century the goal was to make the entrance of free immigrants easier. The immigration “policy”, in the new nation, welcomed free immigration. American leaders understood that immigration was necessary to fill up the empty and growing country. As long as American immigrant’s policy welcomed…

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