Immigration Is A Necessary Function For The Country And A Stable Life

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While immigration is a necessary function for both the country and people wanting to immigrate, the issue needs to be approached with the country’s interest, capacity, and political climate in mind. Often it seems as though the issue comes down to the humanity of the situation. Often times immigrants come over talking about a new chance for themselves and their dream of that country. This plays at the heartstrings of the public and often tips the favor of immigration and immigration reform to the immigrants side. While this may not be a bad thing, when dealing with these opinions a country needs to keep its economic and political stability in mind. In this international era a country also has to understand the immigrants mind and their reason for immigrating. Some immigrants come for work. The promise of a paycheck and a stable life that more developed country can offer is enough to make people pack up and leave. Most countries allow a limited number of foreigner to come work if they have special skills or talents (Teichman 4). These immigrants may come on many different types of Visa’s to stay. not all people who work are legal though, and the amount of illegal workers in a country is increasing. Many companies now depend on the work of illegal migrants (2). Illegal migrants are now ingrained in the economy. To get the true scope of illegal migrants, one needs to differentiate them from refugees and other categories of immigrants.
While both refugees and immigrant come…

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