Essay about Immigration Is A Natural Part Of Society

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Immigration is one of the most important issues that the United States is currently facing. The United States was formed by immigrants who moved to this new land to find a better life as well as to give their next generation a safer future. Immigration is thought to be bad because people believe that these immigrants take the money that hard working Americans provide, they take American jobs, and they are the reason why the economy is failing. Nevertheless, this is not true. Immigration is a natural part of society and has proven to ameliorate economies, lives, and communities. Immigrants are hard workers, they take jobs that many Americans do not want or refuse to do, and despite what many think, statistics have shown that these newcomers have actually helped the economy in numerous ways. Illegal immigration, no matter what the reason for doing it, is an unacceptable way to migrate to a different country. The word “illegal” means that it 's forbidden by law, which should never be broken. Immigration and illegal immigration are entirely different and should not be thought of in a similar way. Understanding why immigration has grown in the last years is an important factor when thinking about this issue. Countless reasons come to mind when thinking of people’s causes of migrating. Sometimes it 's an issue of safety, while others have moved for money and to provide for themselves or their families. According to Howard W. Foster, a lawyer that specializes in RICO…

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