Essay on Immigration Is A Major Problem Facing The United States

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Immigration is a major problem facing the United States. Every year thousands of illegal immigrants, from around the world migrate to the United States. These immigrants have many different motivations; some hoping to seek the “American Dream”, others are refugees escaping persecution, and civil wars in their home country (Kayne np). The United States has always been seen as the land of the opportunities to many immigrants where all nationalities mix in one “melting pot”. The freedom, protection and benefits that the Unites States has to offer are important issues to immigrants. The freedom to express themselves, to speak freely, and to practice their religion. However, the large number of immigrants in the country is being challenged by proliferation, which is making both terrorism and migration much easier (Kayne np). Proliferation is define as a rapid and often excessive spread or increase (Dictionary np). The biggest challenge that lawmakers are facing is being able to distinguish illusionary immigration problems from real problems (Kayne np).
Members of both the Senate and House of Representatives are considering what to do with immigration policies (Kayne np). Members of Congress have to focus on a wide variety of changes in our current policies, including enforcing and protecting the border security, establishing a new temporary alien worker program, and offering some level of amnesty to illegal aliens currently living in the United Sates (Kayne np). To achieve…

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