Immigration Is A Common Conversation Of The American Dream From A Mere Fantasy Into Reality

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The topic of immigration has become a common talk in our everyday lives. A variety of forces seems to be pushing people towards taking the option of moving to a foreign country rather than staying home. Several studies have implicated economic hardship as the primary motivator of immigration. The logic behind such a statement is that economic status of a particular country tends to impart all the other domains of life, i.e. social and political. Most emigrants often have the aspirations of exploring better economic opportunities present in the receiving states to allow them to get out of paucity. However, emigrants often have to undergo unforeseen challenges before they can attain anything significant. Reyna Grande has presented such a scenario in her book the Distance between us. She highlights the challenges associated with the distance dream that most people are ignorant about when in their home country. The book emphasizes that the immigrants must make considerable sacrifices to convert the American Dream from a mere fantasy into reality. This paper uses arguments to highlight the authenticity of the American Dream that motivates most migrants to use any available channel to get into America.
According to the author of the Distance between us, the perception that immigrants from developing nations have often contradicted with the reality in the host states.
“…moving from Mexico into the US was like crossing into a new world…” page 222. Young Reyna had a misconception…

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